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Sostar S.A. is a cosmetic producer, located in Oreokastro, Thessaloniki. The office and industrial facilities of the company are self-owned and spread within an area of 2000m2.

We are producing a wide range of high quality products for face care, body care hair care etc. Our products are enriched with natural extracts and essences, which makes them skin friendly while following the latest beauty trends.

We are proud that Greek Pharmach Organization has provided us with a  GMP certificate  that ensures the best quality on not only for the  manufacturing process, but also for the final product as well ; our company is cooperating with ELINEK, an European external laboratory that checks and validates every single batch production before dispatching  in order to ensure the best quality

All our products come with CPNP registration (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal), an European Cosmetics portal based in Brussels.

Our company, in cooperation with the Vetenerian  School of Aristotelean University of Greece, developed an unique and innovative range of cosmetics enriched with donkey milk. Donkey milk, an ingredient well known since 5,000 BC, has been used in ancient Greece by Hippocrates for wound healing and skin regeneration.

In Egyptian antiquity, donkey milk has been used for both alimentary and cosmetic purposes; it was broadly used for both internal and external inflammation, as well as an nutritious drink for children and infants.

In Ancient Rome, it was used as a drink for the aristocracy. Women, fully aware for its beauty enhancing properties, used it in order to retain youth.  It is said that  Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt , took baths in donkey  milk to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin.

Its high concetration in proteins, ceramides and high concentration in vitamin C makes donkey milk a supreme ingredient in cosmetic industry. It is commonly used nowadays to boost the anti wrinkle properties of cosmetics as well as skin regeneration

Our suppliers are organic certified local farms  that carry out microbiological and physicochemical controls in each batch in order to ensure the perfect quality of the milk.

Another range of products are "Focus Range" , an unique range of natural cosmetics at very affordable prices.

All our products are without parabens, MI/MCI (Methylisothiazolinone & Methylchloroisothiazolinone) free , and we also use hypoallergenic perfumes in all our ranges.

As consumers become more aware of product ingredients and their potential risks we want to ensure that our products offer as clean and safe formulation as possible. Sostar’s mission is to create products with excellent sensory qualities at every level- superb textures, technological advanced formulas and soothing aromas that promote everyday wellbeing.

Sostar S.A. is a Gold member of GREEK EXPORTERS –

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